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1 day ago

HTML5 could make the Web the new iPad app store

ESPN's new mobile app looks native but runs entirely on the Web.

ESPN's new mobile app looks native but runs entirely on the Web.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Earlier this month, the Financial Times and ESPN debuted slick new applications for smartphones and tablets. But you won't find them in the iTunes App Store or Android Market. These apps run in your browser window.

That's a sea change that could reshape the app landscape.

Right now, all roads to the iPhone and iPad run through Apple. The only straightforward way for users

4 days ago

Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers is Subject of New Course in Learning Tree Technology Curriculum

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NM:LTRE) today announced web application development the

addition of a new 4-day course to its Web-related offerings. The course,

entitled Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers: Hands-On,

offers attendees the opportunity to acquire practical experience in

securing Web applications through intensive exercises led by an expert


Participants will also receive instruction in how to...

Implement and test secure Web applications for their organizations

Configure a Web server to encrypt Web traffic with HTTPS

Identify, diagnose and correct the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities

Protect Ajax-powered applications

Secure XML Web services with WS-Security

Jennifer Urick, Vice President of Product Development for Learning Tree

International, said, "Professionals attending

this course will be taught the skills required to integrate robust

security measures into their organizations'

Web development process."

Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers: Hands-On is

valuable for anyone who wants to protect their Web applications from

attack, especially those directly involved in the development,

maintenance or auditing of Web applications. This includes Web

application developers, software QA personnel, Web application security

testers and auditors, and security administrators.

Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers: Hands-On

augments existing Learning Tree courses, including Vulnerability

Assessment: Protecting Your Organization, Ethical Hacking and

Countermeasures: Hands-On, Building XML Web Services with Java:

Hands-On, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Developing SOA

Applications, Building XML Web Services with .NET: Hands-On, Developing

Ajax Web Applications: Hands-On, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): A

Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction, Disaster Recovery Planning:

Ensuring Business Continuity, Project Management for Software

Development and Project Risk Management: Hands-On.

Learning Tree intends to begin presenting Securing Web Applications,

Services and Servers: Hands-On at its London Education Center in

November 2007 and in North America in December 2007. The initial course

schedule includes...

London, England - November 27-30, 2007

New York, NY - December 4-7, 2007

Ottawa, ON - December 18-21, 2007

Toronto, ON - January 8-11, 2008

Washington, DC (Rockville, MD) -

January 8-11, 2008

These schedules are subject to change. For further information and the

latest course dates and locations, call 1-800-THE-TREE (1-800-843-8733)

or visit

About Learning Tree International

Learning Tree International is a leading worldwide provider of

vendor-independent education and training to IT and business

professionals working in the public and private sectors. The Company

develops, markets and delivers a broad, proprietary library of

instructor-led courses focused on project management, leadership and key

business skills, Web development, operating systems, programming

languages, databases, computer networks, IT/IS security and

object-oriented technology. The Company also tests and certifies IT and

business professionals, and Learning Tree Courses are recommended for

college credit by the American Council on Education and several leading

Universities. In addition, Learning Tree is on the National Association

of State Boards of Accountancy National Registry of CPE sponsors and is

a Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute

(PMI). For more information about Learning Tree products and services,

call 1-800-THE-TREE (1-800-843-8733), or visit our Web site at

7 days ago

Web Hosting :: Looking for the Best Web Designing and Web Develop

If you are looking for best web design services, SEO services, and website hosting services in Dubai, UAE, you have come across to the right article.

Websites are considered as virtual face of companies. Therefore, it is important that every business owner should good virtual face of its company. For creating unique and competitive virtual face of the company web designing plays very crucial role. Web design is all about the web development. Web designing refers to the process of developing website. It is important that you take the services of professional web designer in order to create unique and innovative website for your company. The professional web designers are experienced in understanding the needs and requirements of their clients from the website.

There are many web designers in Dubai, UAE. Finding the best web designer in Dubai is little bit confusing task. This is because every web designer wants to provide best service to their clients. However, you consider Wisdom IT Solutions as the best web designer and web Developer Company in Dubai, UAE. This is because this company provides better web designing services as compared to other web designers in Dubai. Therefore, considering Wisdom IT Solutions as the best web designer in Dubai should not make two opinions. It is not better in web designing services, but other services such as E-marketing , graphic designing are also better than other companies in this field.

Website hosting service enables an individual or organization to make visible his/its website through the world wide website (WWW). A web host is nothing but a company which provides space for the web pages of a website. Therefore, it is important you should have good website hosting services so that your pages are visible to more number of users of internet. Wisdom IT Solutions in Dubai, UAE is considered as the best web hosting service provider. It is very important that you should have good website hosting services so that you can make good promotion of your website.

Search Engine Optimization enables you to improve traffic of you website. Therefore, you should acquire good SEO services in order to build traffic on your website. When you have good traffic to your website, the ranking of your site gets improved in search engine. As a result your website link appears at the top of search engine results. When you website appears at the top of the results from search engine, it enables you to have more number of visitors for your websites. As a result you can have good number of customers for the services and products provided on the website. If you are in Dubai, Wisdom IT Solutions would be the best option for you to acquire SEO services.

1 week ago

Tips for Novice Web Designers by Alan Smith

To guarantee online success of your website, there are few basic methods to be followed in website design. Able to have positive impact on the targeted traffic is just half work done through proper website design. The other half is all about what is the quality of products and services offered to the clients. Below are few tips for web design that may be of some value to web developers.

o Behind the web design there is always some objective or intent or goal. Having complete understanding of business goals is must before starting web development. If the objective is to have an Ecommerce website, then all the ecommerce web design aspects should be concentrated on selling products.

o Deciding and understanding the targeted audience of your website is also very important. This helps in incorporating plans in initial web design process on how to attract them. Website design pattern is also influenced by target audience age, group, interests, religion and geographical location.

o A website designer should be asked to make sitemap that would show the structure of the website being built. It can become complex or simple based on website needs.

o No user would be interested in a website that takes lot of time to load. Web designers should take care in web development stage that the website loading time is less than fifteen seconds. Unless the response time of the website is fast and quick, it does not matter even if you have best website design. Quick response time ensures better user interactive experience and thus is necessity.

o Web designers should also concentrate on placing navigation links at strategic locations on the pages for easy making it is easy for clients to go through website. Important hyperlinks should be highlighted. Normally links are placed on top of the page. Menu is usually at left of the web pages.

o Once the basic model of web design is ready, it should be converted into web templates. These templates should be viewable on browsers. Having this mock model can often give clear picture of how the fully built functional website would look like.

o Testing the prototype of website is must before it is hosted online. Testing should be carried out keeping in mind the international and well accept web development standards.

Above are just few basic tips and do no form complete set of website design practices. There are many methods and techniques that professional web developers use. But these should be enough for a novice web designer.

2 weeks ago

Chapter 21: Designing Web Applications

For more details of the topics covered in this guide, see Contents of the Guide.

In this chapter, you will learn the general design considerations and key attributes for a Web application. This includes the guidelines for a layered structure; guidelines for performance, security, and deployment; and the key patterns and technology considerations.

A Web application is an application that can be accessed by the users through a Web browser or a specialized user agent. The browser creates HTTP requests for specific URLs that map to resources on a Web server. The server renders and returns HTML pages to the client, which the browser can display. The core of a Web application is its

3 weeks ago

Web Apps | Android Developers

Figure 1. You can make your web content available to

users in two ways: in a traditional web browser and in an Android application, by

including a WebView in the layout.

There are essentially two ways to deliver an application on Android: as a

client-side application (developed using the Android SDK and installed on user devices in an APK)

or as a web application (developed using web standards and accessed through a web

browser--there's nothing to install on user devices).

If you chose to provide a web-based app for Android-powered devices, you can rest

assured that major web browsers for Android (and the WebView framework)

allow you to specify viewport and style properties that make your web pages appear at the proper

size and scale on all screen configurations.

Figure 1 illustrates how you can provide access to your web pages from either

a web browser or your your own Android app. However, you shouldn't develop an Android

app simply as a means to view your web site. Rather, the web pages you embed in your

Android app should be designed especially for that environment. You can even define an

interface between your Android application and your web pages that allows JavaScript in the web

pages to call upon APIs in your Android application--providing Android APIs to your web-based


To start developing web pages for Android-powered devices, see the following documents:

Supporting Different Screens from Web


How to properly size your web app on Android-powered devices and support

multiple screen densities. The information in this document is important if you're building a web

application that you at least expect to be available on Android-powered devices (which you should

assume for anything you publish on the web), but especially if you're targeting mobile devices

or using WebView.

Building Web Apps in


How to embed web pages into your Android application using WebView and bind JavaScript to Android APIs.

Debugging Web Apps

How to debug web apps using JavaScript Console APIs.

Best Practices for Web


A list of practices you should follow, in order to provide an effective web application on

Android-powered devices.

This site uses cookies to store your preferences for site-specific language and display options.

This doc is hidden because your selected API level for the

documentation is . You can change the

documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation.

For more information about specifying the API level your app requires,

read Supporting

Different Platform Versions.

3 weeks ago

The Advantages of Java for Web Development

The year 1991 saw the origin of a powerful programming language, Java. Engineers at Sun Microsystems developed this language for consumer devices, and kept it simple for compatibility with modest CPUs of those days. Since then, this object-oriented language has been used to create simple to complex standalone and web based applications. Java is equipped with a number of features that make it an ideal language for Website Development. Let's get an overview.

Besides, Java is also preferred for its platform independence. Java is a high performance language, and is preferred for its safety features. By creating a "firewall" between the computer and a network application, it denies access to other parts of the computer. This is a really big advantage.

Although animation tools like Flash overshadow Java when complex programming is not required but cannot undermine the importance this programming language. Java, a language with high capabilities has distinct advantages; it offers better database connectivity, better memory management, it is more dynamic, allows greater levels of user interactivity and free open-ended use. The details mentioned above lay credence to the fact the Java is really a powerful programming language and certainly a preference for programmers seeking easier solutions for complex computations.

Simplicity- Java is a powerful yet simple programming language. It is an extension of C and C++, with two additional features for improved memory management and garbage collection.

Object-Oriented- As already mentioned, Java is an object oriented language and thus carries real world analogies for easier, better conceptualization and programming.

Easier Network Connection- Java is packed with an extensive library of routines that make it compatible with protocols like HTTP and FTP facilitating network connections.

Minimizing Errors- Java presents reliable ways of creating a program. The programmer can check possible problems during initial stages and later during the runtime stage. Consequently, situations prone to errors are minimized.

Secure- Java is an ideal language for networked environments because of the high degree of security it ensures. Access to the user's hard disk is restrained through changes to the semantics of pointers.

Dynamic- Java is an extremely dynamic language in the sense that it carries huge amount of runtime information.

Allows Multithreading- The feature of multithreading enables the programmer to run more than one program simultaneously. Java allows multithreading and consequently provides better interactive responsive and real-time behavior.